Harvest :Sixth day


Six days, six  hard days but at the end all Prosecco has been completely harvest! Today we had harvest grape of Caerano’ vineyards,  from these grapes it will be produced the Prosecco  Doc Treviso.

We could have got 180 quintals in this vineyard, but we yield less than 100 quintals.

Today my father has filtered the must for the Millesimato 2009 after have tasting all the musts present in the cellar.

The must for our best product comes from “Pellizzon” vineyards.

Grapeharvests are not finished yet, there are 40/50 quintals of Merlot left but still I would like to anticipate my thanks to:

Giacomo who let me being present even if he starts to give hard time to my wife for the willing to join us in this world!

My father who weared out his shoes soles up and down in the cellar for checking wines and musts.

My mother who has made wonderful home- made lunches and for having welcome all our workers.

My sister and her boyfriend for “waisting” their last relaxing time before starting a new life in the adults world.

Luciano nicknamed Ciano who for six days has unloaded full buckets at a machine-gun pace.

My parents in low for having drove all the way long just to come and help us!

And to all the others workers that make this grapeharvest 2009 unique!


Autore: Bele Casel

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