Have soppressa, will travel: Thanks to everyone who came out to taste with us at the FIVI fair this weekend

They came for the wine but they stayed for the soppressa.

Every since this year’s Vinitaly, it’s become something of a running joke in the Italian wine and wine blogging community.

It’s a traditional among Italian winemakers to bring classic and traditional salumi and cheeses to their stands at the fairs. After all, nothing goes better with your wines than the salumi and cheese that are produced in your own region. As the saying goes, if it grows with it, it goes with it.

And no matter what fair we are presenting our wines at (Vinitaly or FIVI etc.), we always bring an artisanal soppressa.

This year at Vinitaly, the roaming group of bloggers from the popular Italian wine blog Intravino stopped by our stand for their year visit. It didn’t take long for them to consume our entire stash of soppressa! That’s how good it is!

And so when we headed down to the FIVI tasting in Rome last weekend (the fair and marketplace organized by the Italian Federation of Independent Grape Growers), we made sure to bring extra.

Soppressa is a classic cured pig’s meat salame produced in the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, and Treviso (as well as in other areas of what was once called the Most Serena Republic of Venice).

Technically, for it to be called soppressa, it must be produced using pigs raised in the production area (as you can read in the official appellation regulations for Soppressa Vicentina, for example).

We just can’t tell you where we get ours! That’s best kept secret!

Thanks to everyone who came to our stand at FIVI in Rome! Whether you came for the wine or the soppressa, we were equally happy to see you!

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