Harvest: Seventh day

Today it has not been a real grapeharvest day, 20 persons for just one ectar of Merlot, 50 quintals finished in two hours time, a joke!

At 10.30 a.m. tables for lunch were ready, bread and cheese already cut to be eaten, hot grills, and all workers seated down  holding a full  glass  of wine just to celebrate the last grapeharvest day! Can I tell something? We stand up around 03.00 pm a bit drunk but happy for having  finished  with the harvest.

As per samples analysis, once fermentation it will be over we will get a wine with  13.5 alcoholic degrees.

Grape was tasty and crispy like never, once removed from the bunch, the skin released immediately its colour so I think that this year would be great, but I will leave you  judge it.
For now we can say that it has been a success.

Good night to everybody

Autore: Bele Casel

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