And after the grapeharvest?

The countryside works are ended. Now we are focusing on the winecellar operations,

twice a day we taste all Prosecco’ tanks,  how you can see wines are still  cloudy.

This year we have noticed a huge difference between   a tank and another, each production area has her own peculiarity. I really don’t know if we have to thank the vintage,  the new crashing machine, all the steps made in an  inert room.

From now up to ten days fermentation time will be over, from that moment will start a delicate phase  for the wines to come in contact with  the yeasts so they will be checked  several times to avoid malolactic fermentations particulary unwelcome in all the wines that, like Prosecco, need to keep a good  freshness and acidity.




Autore: Bele Casel

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