First decanting

Work in the cellar continues. We assayed all Proseccos, trying very hard to memorize each minute variation. This (here) is how Prosecco looked like at the end of the fermentation process.

Two days ago one of the tanks started exuding some redolence of thickening and dregs.  This is the perfect time to begin the decanting. This once we will not work in an inert environment:  without overdoing it, small amounts of oxygen are required.  The first part of the container will be gravity-filled, while the remainder will be done with the help of a pump.

Yesterday, after decanting the last of the tanks, we once more assayed each wine; one after the other, in religious silence. At the end of the tasting no words were necessary.  A mutual exchange of approving glances was all we needed to express our gratification. We will remember this year not only because of the Asolo DOCG, but also because of the exceptional quality of the wines.


Autore: Bele Casel

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