It is not only about Asolo Prosecco

1_AsoloToday I want to tell you about Asolo, the town.

It is a wonderful village overlooking a vast section of the Treviso foothills. The famous poet Giosuè Carducci described Asolo as “the town with one thousand horizons”. Our town also gave hospitality to Queen Catherine Cornaro of Cyprus, after she was exiled from her island Country.

One thing is sure: Asolo perspires history from every pore; if you walk its narrow streets you can actually feel it yourself. Here everybody knows and address each other in the familiar form “tu”; modern shops are rare and it might feel as if you have traveled back in time; the coffee shops frequented by my grandfather’s generation are still the same as 60 years ago, with their chipped brown tiles worn out by thousands of residents and tourists and their softly lit wooden ceilings.

Indeed, most evident in Asolo, is its history. Founded in the Bronze Age and growing under the Roman Empire, it became the capital of the region comprising the surrounding plains. “La rocca” (fortress), built in the twelfth century, still stands today and dominates the entire Treviso territory. Its walls have witnessed the passing of the Serenissima (the mighty Venetian Republic), of Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg and of Napoleon, eventually becoming part of the Lombard-Venetian Kingdom.  The main front of WWI was nearby and, during WWII, the temporary Salò Republic had offices in Asolo.      Through the centuries the town was home to many notables and intellectuals, including:

Should your travels or curiosity bring you around this area, I will be delighted to be your guide. But only after you had the opportunity to taste and enjoy our Asolo Prosecco DOCG superiore.


Autore: Bele Casel

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