welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the new Bele Casel USA blog!

In October 2012, owners of the Bele Casel winery in Caerano San Marco (Treviso) Luca Ferraro and the Ferraro family asked wine blogger Jeremy Parzen to help them create a blog geared especially for the U.S. market.

Their partnership was a natural fit: not only was Jeremy a fan of their wines, he is also a consummate Proseccophile and Venetophile.

Many years ago, Jeremy attended the University of Padua (Università di Padova, where he studied Italian literature) and he lived, worked, and played music professionally in the Veneto, traveling often to the province of Treviso and the land of Prosecco. His interest in and bond to the Veneto were so deep that he named his blog Do Bianchi, Venetian dialect for two little glasses [ombre] of white wine, a request that you often hear when two friends walk into an osteria in Venice (where Prosecco is the white wine served par excellence).

The blog was made possible with a grant from the Common Market Organisation of the European Community (one of a tide of grants given to European wineries to promote awareness and visibility of their brands beyond Europe’s borders).

The primary scope of this blog is to share information and new about Bele Casel, its wines, and the people who make, import, distribute, sell, and serve the wines.

But the overarching purpose of the project is to capture the essence of the Veneto, what makes life there so special, and the role that Prosecco and the land of Prosecco play in the Veneto’s history and the in the lives of the Veneti.

Do you have a story about the Veneto or about the Ferraro family’s wines that you’d like to share?

Please email Jeremy by clicking here.

And if you’d like to reach Luca Ferraro with inquiries regarding the winery or the wines, please email him by clicking here.

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