How should I drink prosecco Colfóndo ?

prosecco colfondo torbido


I have been asking myself this question for months: how should I drink this unknown wine? So I started experimenting, opening dozens of bottles while trying to capture its soul.

I still remember that my first glass of  Colfòndo left me confounded; I had completely forgot about this kind of wine. The cloudiness, the dryness, the fragrance of bread crusts, so different from the conventional Prosecco, threw me off completely.

I tried 4 different ways of drinking it:

1 Pouring it directly into the glass. Taking great care to move the bottle ever so slowly, so that only the clear portion would pour. Possibly leaving the cloudy part for later.

2 Decanting it. Thus separating the clear part from the cloudy and allowing oxygen in the wine.

3 Shaking it (gently) before pouring. This results in a cloudy, yet intriguing Colfòndo.

4 Dégorgement. This method takes quite some time, but I assure you that the result will be astounding.

Have you ever met a person that you did not like at first, but later on found impossible to leave? That is what will happen with Colfòndo!

If you have just been introduced to  this wine, you will probably be more comfortable with methods  1, 2 or 4. Drinking it with the dregs (4) could be an acquired taste that will grow on you with time.


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