Prosecco for dummies. Lesson # 2: “typology”

There are other different Proseccos, however.

Following is a round-up of the different types, with technical data that might help you understand the different degrees of sweetness (expressed in grams of sugars per liter)

Extra Brut : 0-5 gr/l

Brut : 0 – 15 gr/l

Extra dry : 12 – 20 gr/l

Dry : 17 – 35 gr/l

Demi sec: 33 – 50 gr/l

Another important factor to keep in mind is the pressure (amount of bubbles) in the bottle.

• Prosecco without bubbles is classified as “still”

• Prosecco under 2.5 atm. is classified as “frizzante” (*)

• Prosecco above 3.5 atm. is classified as “spumante” (*)

(*) 1 atmosphere = 14.7 pounds per square inch

One further differentiation relates to the fermentation method:

• Col fondo is the historical method of fermentation in the bottle. It never gets decanted, so the wine lays on lees until served.

• The Charmat or Martinotti method is the Prosecco most familiar to all of us, fermented in autoclave.

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