Lately on the internet we talk more and more about events being organized by producers, tired of the usual expensive formats, organized by agencies asking hundreds of €urns for fairs and venues that, in most cases, turn out to be resounding fiascos.

Everything started with #lambruschi1,2,3,4, followed later by #barbera1 and #aglianicodelvulture1.

This is why, with the help of studiocru’s Davide , we put together a small happening that will take place inAsolo on October 30. There we intend to spark a dialogue about and re-ignite interest in a wine that was slowly disappearing.

On Saturday morning we will meet at the new Locanda Baggio restaurant, to blind taste two Proseccos on lees representing 4 terroirs:

Docg Asolo : Bele Casel and Biondo Jeo

Docg Valdobbiadene: Frozza and Casa Coste Piane

Docg Conegliano: Costadilà and Zanotto

Doc: Lorenzo Gatti and Maurizio Donadi

Tasting will be strictly blind, to avoid being influenced by the Firm’s names.

After the tasting we will make available a classic Prosecco by Silvano Follador, two old vintage Proseccos on lees (to help you understand how this wine can improve with age), as well as a Fortana and a Trebbiano re-fermented in the bottle by Mirco Mariotti.

A luncheon will also be part of the event.

We intended to keep the total participants under 40, but we exceeded that number; we have had so many requests from bloggers/journalists as well as producers, that we are already thinking about a “colfòndo2″!

This post can also be interpreted as an open letter to organizers of events; remember: things are-a-changing…and they begin at the bottom.

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