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Above: The view from atop the Bele Casel vineyards in Maser.

Here’s what the 2013 Slow Wine guide has to say about Bele Casel:

Luca Ferraro is a young grape-grower capable of delivering results and performing his work by means of interesting content and intelligent evolution. Together with his father Danilo, he runs their family-owned winery, which was founded by his grandfather in the 1970s. His father’s presence and contribution are fundamental because they allow Luca to devote himself to his role as promoter and organizer of the Colfòndo group — a passion of his that extends above and beyond his business — and to an intense marketing campaign via social media, an endeavor in which his continuous involvement is key.

A small part of the family’s vineyards lie in a field near the cellar. A substantial portion consists of 5.5 hectares, including rows planted in 2004, in the hills of Cornuda. The four most interesting parcels, with old vines and excellent exposure, are situated on a hill with steep slopes near Maser. Luca has always been interested in environmental sustainability and he recently launched an organic conversion of his family’s vineyards.

The winery’s four wines are well defined by their diverse character. There’s no doubt that the wine closest to Luca’s heart is the Asolo Prosecco Brut Colfòndo 2010, a beautiful dry wine, very flavorful and with a good citrus finish. But the wine we liked the most — so much so that we included in our top picks for Everyday Wine — is the Treviso Prosecco Brut 2011. We were impressed by its clean notes of fruit and its crunch mouthfeel, aromatic, clean, and dry. The drinker will find focused sweetness and ample flavor in the Asolo Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry 2011 while sweet notes intentionally dominate the Asolo Prosecco Superiore Dry 2011, a soft and seductive wine.

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