A special place in Joe’s and Mark’s hearts…

“The Prosecco we served at our wedding, Bele Casel, has a special place in Joe’s and my hearts,” writes Mark Denten (above, left), co-author of the wonderful Italian wine and food blog Our Italian Table. “So we were delighted to find, as we were planning our 2010 trip to the Veneto, that an agriturismo we had reserved was only a short distance from the winery that makes ‘our’ Prosecco. We immediately decided to track the place down and tell them how much their sparkling concoction meant to us! What we found when we followed the map we had made at home was an unassuming and unmarked group of buildings near a modest house: we weren’t sure we were in the right place. But when we asked in our best broken Italian about Bele Casel, the young man who had come to see why our car was in his driveway lit up, and eagerly took us on a complete tour of his facility. I only wish our Italian had been better, because he explained everything about how they make Bele Casel Prosecco energetically and happily in rapid Italian that we couldn’t begin to understand!”

Click here to read Mark’s post and his excellent notes on what makes Prosecco stand apart from other sparkling wines.


Author: Bele Casel

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