Baccalà Mantecato, a classic pairing for Prosecco

baccala mantecato

Image via Sorelle in pentola, a wonderful Italian food blog authored and curated by a pair of very talented sisters in the kitchen.

If there is one place that la cucina italiana truly excels, it’s in simplicity. In our beloved Veneto, the culture of simplicity is epitomized in the local dish, baccalà mantecato.

Made with only salt cod and olive oil, the materia prima must be sublime. The creamy end result seems impossibly greater than the sum of its parts and is achieved through the brute force of pulverizing cooked salt cod and whipping it into an emulsion with a thin and constant stream of olive oil.

Of course, there are variations. Many also add parsley and garlic. But a well-made baccalà mantecato needs no further adornment. The result of the worthwhile physical effort is a white spread made for topping grilled bread or polenta.

And the perfect accompaniment to any baccalà mantecato is a glass of Prosecco. The creamy fish is lifted and lightened by the playful bubbles and enhanced with a touch of salinity that you find in our wines.

It may be gilding the lily, but we call it simple perfection all’italiana alla veneta!

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