Alfonso Cevola’s post on the “Rape of Prosecco” @ItalianWineGuy cc @vinoalvino

On Sunday, top American wine blogger and Italian wine industry authority Alfonso Cevola wrote the following in a blog post entitled “The Rape of the Veneto” on his site On the Wine Trail in Italy:

“The systematic dismantling of tradition in the Veneto, from Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, on the gentle slopes that humankind has lovingly nurtured — that is tragedy of legendary proportions. Culture, tradition, quality, values — all receding like the arctic ice in the Polar zones.”

In the post, he reflects on the “enormous growth” that “year after year has people chasing after more and more profit, pushing the land, changing laws, reducing the Veneto to a mere factory for the whims of folks who no longer want to spend money on Champagne and sparkling wine of character.”

I recommend the post to you and I’m glad that Alfonso has brought this question into a public forum for discussion (it was featured today on Franco Ziliani’s blog, for example, including Franco’s Italian translations of highlighted passages).

But I ask you: Are profits all that matters?

This is often the case.

But I wouldn’t generalize here.

There are Prosecco producers who have followed a different path.

They don’t drive a BMW or Mercedes. They don’t have a second home at the beach or in the mountains.

They work hard. They respect the land and its fruits.

But thank you, Alfonso, for this article.

—Luca Ferraro

traditional prosecco

Above: A scene from a courtyard in Asolo, where tradition often trumps profit.

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  1. Alfonso Cevola

    Thank you, Luca

  2. Alfonso Cevola

    Thank you, Luca

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