@vintrospective: “Bele Casel Extra Dry is like Vivaldi in a glass”

joel mackHere’s a post and tasting note from a few years ago by one of our favorite Italian wine bloggers and wine professionals, Joel Mack, author of Vintrospective (a wonderful educational site for Italian wine lovers).

We were thrilled to appear on his blog back then and we’re just as excited to repost it here now that we have an English-language platform up and running.

As a veteran of the wine industry and an expert in Italian wines, we really value his experience and insights in tasting and pairing. This dude KNOWS his stuff.

Thanks again, Joel! You rock and the pairings are awesome!

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Bele Casel Prosecco Extra Dry

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Watching Luca Ferraro prune vines, I was reminded of that intensely intimate connection between musician and instrument as he tunes before a performance.

A series of quick, on-the-fly adjustments, decisions, corrections …then, music can be made.

And I wanted to hear the music.

We drove the two hours to New York City to purchase Bele Casel’s Prosecco Extra Dry and, when tasting time came, this Prosecco was like Vivaldi in a glass.

The Montello / Colli Asolani area from which Bele Casel’s Prosecco Extra Dry gains its denomination is known for Prosecco with a bit more acidity and citrus tones, comparatively speaking, a typicity reflected nicely by this Bele Casel Prosecco.

I will usually include in a blog post some thoughts about a wine producer’s location, production practices, history, terroir, etc. But, Bele Casel’s Luca Ferraro will inform you better than can I via his extraordinary online effort. I recommend you navigate immediately to where you can meet Luca and experience something not to be found in the mainstream wine press:

Blog: www.belecasel.it
On Twitter: @belecasel
FaceBook: Bele Casel
Vinix: Bele Casel

Tasting Notes:

Color of light summer straw. Crisp and bright, with a perfume of pear, apple and citrus-floral overtones. Vibrant fine perlage and a wonderfully balanced palate that feels round, fat, and completely in tune. Finishes with an almond cream aftertaste and an intriguing sense of structure. A magnificent bottle of refreshing pleasure.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

In America, we too often think of Prosecco as just an aperitif or a wine for outdoor gatherings. Prosecco is certainly excellent on those occasions, but if you are not pairing good Prosecco with food, wow, you are missing out. Try Bele Casel’s Prosecco Extra Dry with:

Japanese “cut rolls”, especially those featuring caviar, avocado, creamed cheese, cucumber, eel, or crab; Mushroom or asparagus omelet; Capellini (angel hair pasta) with peas in a light cream sauce; Cold plate of mild cheeses and prosciutto di parma;

Delicately fried seafood and white fish – think super fresh Calamari; Risotto with shellfish; an unending array of Canapés; Room temperature grilled vegetables and vegetable salads; VEGETARIAN: lentil salad with cippolini onions and artichoke hearts; broiled tomato or mushroom stuffed with bread crumbs, butter, herbs. THIS WINE is great company to spicier Asian dishes… we totally loved it with spicy prawns.

—Joel Mack

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