Moore Brothers Wine Shop, New York City @moorebroswine

moore brothers wine new york

From the Moore Brothers website: “Moore Brothers Wine Company is unique. Every wine here is chosen through our personal relationship with the winegrower.”

Yesterday, we popped in to the famous Moore Brothers wine shop on East 20th St. in New York City, where Bele Casel has been one of the operation’s best sellers for nearly two decades.

“We discovered Danilo [Ferraro’s wines] in the late nineties,” wrote legendary wine retailer David Moore in an email, “when they were literally in a garage.”

Today “we are without doubt the largest single customer on the planet for Bele Casel. Last year we sold 1,233 cases in our three stores.”

moore brothers wine shop new york

We’re currently working on a profile of the Moore brothers and their unique education-based approach to wine sales.

Stay tuned!


Author: Bele Casel

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