@Bele_Casel in @HuffingtonPost TY @ShawnAmos (@Freshwire)!

shawn amos vineyard italy

Above: Social media expert and author Shawn Amos (center), with wife Marta (right) and friend Charlie George. They visited the Bele Casel winery and vineyards a week ago Saturday.

What a thrill to see Bele Casel mentioned yesterday in the Huffington Post and to remember our visit the other day with social media expert, author, and CEO of Freshwire, Shawn Amos!

“I just returned from a ten-day content creation retreat in Italy. It was old-school — completely analog,” writes Shawn. “During the day, we visited with winemakers who make Prosecco — the sparkling wine synonymous with northern Italy. These are family-run businesses that spend a year producing their ‘content.’ It’s a game of patience, perseverance and total commitment.”

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Thanks, Shawn, for the mention. It was great to visit with you and we really loved your show with the “Americani”!


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