@GrapeLive has kind words for our Colfòndo

best prosecco col fondo“This Natural style Prosecco,” writes Kerry Winslow, a top U.S. wine and travel writer, restaurant industry veteran, and author of GrapeLive, “is one of [Bele Casel’s] prized handcrafted bubbly wines, Colfòndo, done in a dry unfiltered way to give lots of mouthwatering saline and mineral character. These amazing Fizzante Naturale sparklers are starting to find their way here and are totally unique and terroir driven wines with brisk freshness, density and total fun nature, making them great anytime and super delicious with cuisine. The latest Bele Casel lineup is fantastic, especially this Colfòndo Asolo with it’s lime, chalk and apple layers, great soft mousse and subtle yeasty side.”

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Thank you, Kerry!

Author: Bele Casel

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