Prosecco Mothers Protest Vineyard Pesticides

baby in the vineyard

According to a report published last week by the daily Oggi Treviso (Treviso Today), the WWF Altamarca (the Treviso chapter of the WWF) will be organizing an assembly on Friday, June 7, in Pieve di Soligo (in the heart of Prosecco country) to raise awareness of how pesticides and other chemicals applied in commercial farming affect the community.

The event was inspired by an exchange between the managers of a daycare center in Prapian (a hamlet near the village of Tarzo) and local grape growers.

Previously, the daycare mothers had reached an accord with the growers, who had agreed to inform the organizers when they would be spraying pesticides on adjacent vineyards. The local superintendent for agriculture even proposed that growers be legally bound to inform their neighbors of plans to spray vineyards with pesticides.

But in a recent heated exchange at a local town hall-style meeting, growers grew skittish after the representative of the local chapter of the WWF asked some tough questions, pointing out that in some cases the soil has become so infertile that it is no longer suitable for grape growing without the use of chemicals.

All of the mayors of towns in the Prosecco DOCG have been invited to Friday’s meeting, as have medical and environmental experts.

According to the editors of Oggi Treviso, the event’s organizers hope to convince local authorities that the use of pesticides needs to be more closely monitored and regulated.

Click here for coverage in Oggi Treviso.


Author: Bele Casel

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