@Bele_Casel: “After excessive spring rains, problems with hydric stress in July”

A note from grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro:

After entire weeks of rain, July has left us with problems of hydric stress.

Sweltering days, warm nights, and a lack of rain have forced us to irrigate our hill-side vineyards for the first time ever.

I never thought it would come to this after a spring with exaggerated levels of rainfall.

It’s probably due to soils that are excessively compact due to frequent use of tractors (and sprayers) on wet soils.

The work that we’ve been doing on the soils has not been sufficient. But we will have to continue down this road in order to increase the fertility of the soil in our Prosecco vineyards and to make sure that the water remains in the ground for a longer period.

glera grape bunch

July 1: a Glera grape bunch.

vineyard treatments prosecco

July 9: treatments applied during the cool hours of the early morning in order to avoid warming of the leaves and grape bunches.

asolo prosecco vineyards

Some of our vineyards in Cornuda.

italy vineyard disease fungal

July 16: While working in the vineyards, we found a small Glera bunch that had been attacked by oidium (powdery mildew). The next day, we went back to the vineyard with a duster and applied micronized sulfur to stop potential outbreaks.

sulfur treatment vineyard

July 17: We head out to the vineyards at dawn to spray sulfur without damaging the vines.

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