@Bele_Casel: “You can never stop learning about soil fertility and organic Prosecco.”

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best organic prosecco

For two years now, we’ve been farming organically (we’ll have our certification with the next vintage).

We have always refused to use chemical fertilizers.

Five years ago, we eliminated the use of herbicides and dessicants.

My father has never believed in the use of clarifiers or enzymes.

For two years, we have been employing green manuring/silly plowing (actually covercrop) to increase the fertility of the soils.

Last year we began reclaiming all the trimmings from pruning.

Our soils are slowly changing but we have a long road ahead of us before we obtain the ideal soil.

This year we will do a green manuring in full biodynmaic style, using many types of herbs. The base is called “multi-floral” and its suited for the different types of soils in our vineyards. In some cases, we add different essences to the mix.

We are well aware that we need to continue to improve. And we planning on attending a seminar on organic farming and green manuring on August 29 at the San Michele all’Adige viticultural institute.

We hope to meet a lot of our colleagues there. It would be a great sign for future change.

—Luca Ferraro
grape grower, winemaker

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