@Bele_Casel: “The Prosecco vintage of the MILLENNIUM!” (NOT… well maybe)

prosecco grape bunch

The French will continue to make fun of us and Italian journalists will continue to write the same thing that they’ve been writing at the end of ten summers now: “It’s going to be the vintage of the century, with stellar quality and zero problems.”

Why don’t we start at the beginning…

The vintage started with rainfall. We had to battle like warriors to save the grapes from rot during May and June.

During the second half of the vintage, we had to deal with hydric stress. We continued to fight in order to stop losing part of the grapes in July.

But I’d like to focus on the period that really decides the fate of the vintage: the period that stretches from véraison (when the skins begin to change color; the onset of ripening) to the time when we pick.

Until now, I can very serenely say that it has been a spectacular period.

Nights are cool and days are warm and dry. The temperature variation aids us considerably in maintaining the aromas of the wines.

There are no more problems of hydric stress after the recent rains.

The grapes are healthy. The skins are thick and crunchy.

We’ll probably begin picking mid-September and we hope to have moderate temperatures during harvest.

So, for now, we expect to have an excellent vintage. But I’ll wait until November, when all the wine has finished fermenting, before I’ll tell you that it’s the vintage of the century.

—Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker

Author: Bele Casel

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