@Bele_Casel: The best Prosecco in the world

best prosecco in the world

“This winery” makes the best Prosecco.

“This other winery” makes the best Colfondo.

Sometimes we read things like this on the various social networks.

Sure, for a grape grower to receive a compliment like this for the wine she/he produces is a thousand times more meaningful than a compliment about how good looking she or he is. You could say that it’s like receiving a compliment about your children.

But I like to keep my feet on the ground. And I know that the road to absolute quality (can such a thing exist?) is still a long and winding one.

So I stop for a moment and I think about how personal and how intimate tasting a wine is. And I ask myself:

Who’s the best race car driver in the world? Senna or Schumacher? Who’s the most beautiful woman in the world? Gwyneth Paltrow or Marilyn Monroe?

That’s when everything becomes clearer and the whole point comes into focus.

It’s easier than it seems: grape growers like us need to produce wines that we like. We need to carry out our work passionately and in a coherent manner, without taking shortcuts. And we need to remember that our own tastes will change with time and so will our wines.

You can’t make everyone happy. And it isn’t our job to make everyone happy. What we can do — what we must do — is to convey our concept of wine to the consumer. And it will be up to her or him to decide if it’s her or his favorite wine.

Luca Ferraro

Author: Bele Casel

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