Bele Casel Colfòndo at the sexiest restaurant in San Francisco: Tosca Café

tosca cafe san francisco

We are thrilled to announce that Bele Casel Colfòndo is NOW AVAILABLE in California.

And it’s being poured by the glass at the newly reopened Tosca Café in North Beach, San Francisco.

For generations, the iconic Tosca has been a San Francisco institution and its new owners have just opened its most recent iteration.

Our good friends Ceri Smith — one of the leading experts on Italian wine in the world today — and Randall Grahm — the legendary California grape grower, winemaker, and biodynamic pioneer — are “co-wine directors” and share in the authorship of the wine list.

It’s a true dream team and we couldn’t be more thrilled or proud to know that are wine is being poured by the glass there.


Author: Bele Casel

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