@michaelnemcik pours Bele Casel in LA for @kevineats (love it!)

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The inimitable Michael Nemcik is one of the coolest people working in the Los Angeles food and wine scene today. He’s worked at a number of the city’s top restaurants and he and I used to work regularly together at Sotto (where I co-write the wine list).

This dude knows his shit: on the numerous times that he and I tasted together, he always blew me away with his wine knowledge and the focus of his palate. Even when he was tasting a grape variety that he didn’t know (and at Sotto, where we feature only southern Italian wine on the list, there are a lot of esoteric wines), he just had a zen-like approach that allowed him to nail it every time.

So it was no surprise to me when I read the following on KevinEats (one of the most popular food and restaurant blogs in the city today):

“Michael Nemcik from Terroni happened to be in my dining party tonight, and if you know Michael, you’ll know that you can always count on him to bring some good wines to the table.”

Evidently, it was a BYOB night out.

What wine did he bring? Yes, of course, Bele Casel.

Here’s Kevin’s note on the wine:

“Dry yet creamy on the palate, but imbued with refreshing notes of pear, lemon, and apple.”

Click here for Kevin’s post on dinner at Goldie’s.


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