31 Days of Prosecco: Day 5, Colfòndo, cloudy or not cloudy?

cloudy wine defect prosecco

A few days ago, we posted on the Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo, which is now available in California thanks to the winery’s west coast importer.

Because Prosecco Colfòndo is aged on its leeds and is unfiltered and undisgorged when it is bottled, it always has visible solids (the dead yeast or lees, in wine speak) at the bottom of the bottle. That’s the fondo in the col (with its) fondo (sediment).

Most people like to stand the bottle upright before they open it so that the sediment gathers at the bottom. This makes it easy to pour the wine from the bottle without it becoming cloudy. In the olden days, the fondo was drunk as a digestif.

But some people (like me, the Bele Casel blogmaster) prefer to drink the wine cloudy. I usually gently turn the bottle upside down to let the sediment re-incorporate itself in the wine. My wife, Tracie P, and I love the added savory character and the crunch mouthfeel that it gives the wine.


Author: Bele Casel

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