31 Days of Prosecco: Day 9, @DavidatBBR on Prosecco Colfòndo

david berry greenOn his blog, leading Italian wine expert David Berry Green (of Berry Bros. and Rudd, importers of Bele Casel in the U.K.) writes:

“In the northern Veneto among small, quality conscious producers there’s a revival of the original way of making Prosecco, harking back to a time before the introduction of the industrial Charmat method during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Small artisan cantine don’t have the deep pockets to equip themselves with zeppelin-shaped autoclave tanks for producing millions of bottles; nor is it in their blood. They are more suited to producing a finer, 100% estate fruit, lees-aged wine – a style called Colfóndo- whose secondary ferment occurs in bottle (having had grape must added prior to bottling) leaving a rich layer of sediment to give the drinker a truer, earthier taste of the territorio that combines better with food and isn’t quite so gassy! (1.5 atmospheres of frizzante Colfóndo plays 3.5 of spumante Prosecco).”

Click here to read David’s complete post, including his rather incendiary remarks on the Prosecco status quo.

And here’s a link to a previous post on David and his profile of Bele Casel.


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