31 Days of Prosecco: Day 10, why Prosecco is the perfect holiday wine

venetian cicchetti cicheti

Above: Cicheti (cicchetti) at my favorite “bacaro” in Venice, where “small plates” were popular long before the craze hit the U.S.

Low alcohol, bright acidity, extreme freshness, and gentle saltiness tempered by the wholesome sweetness of floral and citrus notes. It almost sounds too good to be true, no?

But that’s what great Prosecco is all about.

And that’s what makes Prosecco such a versatile wine, ideal for many “small plates,” like the ones they serve at the bacari (BAH-kah-ree) and cicchetterie (chee-KET-teh-REE-eh) that dot the canals of Venice.

And the same way that Prosecco goes so well with the many dishes of these “little noshes” eateries and wine bars, Prosecco’s versatility makes it ideal for the classic foods of the holiday season in the U.S.

Prosecco with roast turkey? Check!

Prosecco with glazed ham? Check!

Prosecco with pecan pie? Check!

The list goes on… and on…


Author: Bele Casel

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