31 Days of Prosecco: Day 29, the best glass for Prosecco

best glass for prosecco

Today, most serve Prosecco in a flute.

Although, more and more, wine professionals and wine lovers are discovering the virtues of serving sparkling wine in tulip-shaped glasses and classic white wine glasses.

The wider diameter allows the drinker to swirl the wine and it allows the wine to aerate more fully, thus enhancing the tasting experience.

But the classic glass for Prosecco is the gotto (above), called goto in Venetian dialect.

In an era before fine wine stemware was popular (and easily accessible), this was the sine qua non glass of the Veneto osteria (tavern).

And it’s ideal for Prosecco, especially Prosecco col fondo, because it allows the aromatic character of the wine to emerge more readily.


Author: Bele Casel

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