With 30% growth in Prosecco sales worldwide, “Prosecco leads sparkling wine pack”

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Above: The might Glera grape, “the little variety that could.”

The following is an excerpted translation of an article entitled “A Record-Breaking October for Sparkling Wine Sales,” published Friday, January 17, 2014, by the Italian wine trade publication Corriere Vinicolo. Click here for the complete article (in Italian), including charts showing comparative sales, growth, and loss. The report is based on data gathered by ISTAT, Italy’s national institute of statistics.

[Italy’s] sparkling wine industry is poised to have a record year.

From January through the end of October 2013, 1.6 million hectoliters (+15%) [of Italian sparkling wine] were shipped throughout the world, marking sales growth of +18% at €572 million.

Shipments of appellation-designated wines led the pack, with the Prosecco category (DOC and DOCG) as its front-runner with sales and volume growth of +30%.

Asti also showed well with sales growth of +11% and median growth in volume of +9% at €3.6 per liter.

The IGP category fell (-7%) while single-grape-variety wines stayed afloat despite strong reductions in volume.

Entry-tier sparkling wines also showed good progress thanks to price freezes with comparison to 2012 figures.

In terms of countries, performance in the USA and the UK is no longer news. In the UK, cumulative growth from the beginning of the year is greater than +50%. These gains have compensated for the drops in sales in the third most important export market, Germany (-24% in volume). Russia is experiencing a healthy rebound while sales in Japan are falling. And China continues to enjoy the spotlight (+77%).

Corriere Vinicolo, January 17, 2014

translation by Bele Casel blogmaster Jeremy Parzen


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