Carnevale (Carnival) 2014: a new series

Here at the Bele Casel English-language blog, part of our mission is to share our interest in and passion for the rich cultural history of the Veneto and Venice.

With this post, we’re launching the first in our series devoted to the Carnevale di Venezia, the Carnival of Venice, the annual festival held every year during the two weeks that lead up to Lent.

For some the festival is an occasion to wear traditional costumes or creative ones (like the classic maschera or mask, pictured here). There are also a number of events and concerts organized throughout the city and the Venetian lagoon. And for some, it’s just a great excuse to party… It wouldn’t be carnevale, after all, if you didn’t indulge (in moderation).

Check out the Wiki entry for Carnevale. It has a great section devoted to the traditional masks and their origins.

And don’t miss the official website for the festival: it’s got all kinds of information and resources for the festival, including lodging info and a calendar of events. It’s a really neat site, actually. And it explains this year’s theme, Wonder and Fantasy Nature.

Stay tuned!


Author: Bele Casel

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