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In the days before the advent of the internets, planning your trip to the Carnevale of Venice was a daunting task: there simply weren’t a lot of resources to help you coordinate your travel, hotel, and events that you didn’t want to miss.

Today, there are two excellent online resources.

The first is the Carnevale di Venezia official site and it features an excellent English-language version of the entire site.

The second is a relatively new site called Venezia Unica.

Not only does it feature a page devoted exclusively to the Carnevale, but it also offers visitors to purchase transportation passes and other multiple-event passes that can be customized. The transportation passes are great, especially if you plan on traveling about the lagoon to the various islands, etc.

One of the biggest problems for anyone traveling to the Carnevale is where to stay.

Hotels can be very expensive in Venice and most of the hotels on the main island are booked long in advance.

One of the best solutions is to stay on mainland Venice or even as far away as Padova: from Padova, it takes just 30 minutes by train to arrive at the main train station. And there are many towns and stops in between with good access to the trains, which run regularly throughout the day and dinnertime.

One of my own best-kept secrets is the little town of Quarto d’Altino in mainland Venice. It has its own train station, which lies on the Trieste-Venice line.

Most of the hotels there offer shuttle service to and from the station and the trains run regularly to Venice.

And here’s the best part: many of the hotels there are beautiful 18th-century villas that have been converted to be used as hotels and restaurants. Some of them are beautiful and very charming and some of the seafood restaurants are excellent.

Use the “search nearby” feature in Google maps and you’ll see how many great hotels there are there.

Image source: Carnevale di Venezia (official site).


Author: Bele Casel

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