A new old vineyard for Bele Casel!

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In a few days, we will be the proud owners of a hectare of vineyard in the township of Monfumo.

We just couldn’t resist when we heard that an old vineyard was for sale in one of the best townships in the Asolo DOCG. It’s an old but very healthy vineyard.

It was planted roughly 100 years ago and it’s impossible to farm it with a tractor. In certain places, it’s hard to stand upright because the incline is so steep.

This hectare of vineyard will take a lot of work. I’m guessing that we’ll spend three times as much time working there than we would if we could use a tractor to farm it.

The following translation is taken from a text written by the Monfumo village priest in the late nineteenth century.

Luca Ferraro
grape grower & winemaker


It’s likely that the village takes its name from the last hill in these small volcanoes to become extinct, Monte del Fumo or Mt. Smoke and hence Monfumo.

At the same time, it’s also possible, as some hold, that the name comes from the smoke that would rise above the hills because of the numerous coalmen that once worked there.

My village has the misfortune of not having any roads and this is the reason why the many products of our village are falling in value: the difficulty in transporting them.

It’s also the reason why the inhabitants have been delayed in their progress toward becoming more civilized. There is a lack of communication with the adjacent villages.

The vineyards are considered some of the most famous around these parts. The white wine of Monfumo is well known and the grapes picked from the vineyards at the highest part of the clay-rich soil makes for high alcohol in the wine itself.

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