Prosecco Diaries: February 2014

mustard cover crop

February 6 – the cover crop continues to grow. Note the mustard plant in the photo above.

bottle wine cleaner

February 3 – bottling. We use steam to sterilize the bottling line and filters at 100° C. for at least 15 minutes. We do this in order to avoid the use of chemical sterilizers.

winery lumber

February 11 – the rain forced us to work under cover. And so we continued to prepare the stakes for the vineyards. They were later soaked in a water and copper bath in order to make them more resistant and make them last longer once they’re planted into the ground.


February 13 – we are amazed to see primrose so early in the year and we’re concerned about it.

pruning prosecco

February 20 – we continue to prune the vines in our newly purchased vineyard in Monfumo.

old vine prosecco

The vines are MUCH OLDER than we are!

February 24 – we began to train the old vine Bianchetta there.

vineyard cuttings

February 27 –

we finished pruning and now it’s time to remove the cuttings from the vineyard… by hand.

Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker

Author: Bele Casel

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