Decanter profiles Bele Casel UK importer David Berry Green

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When David Berry Green — scion of the Berry Bros. & Rudd legacy, Britain’s leading fine wine merchant — contacted the Bele Casel winery a few years ago and began importing the wines to the UK, the Ferraro family was thrilled, of course.

David is one of the most respected and beloved wine personalities in England today and it goes without saying: his imprimatur is highly coveted in the fine wine world today.

Yesterday, Decanter magazine published a profile of David, his new life in Piedmont (where he moved a few years ago), and his work as a highly active and often controversial wine blogger who covers Italy.

“Moving to Italy was something he felt he had to do,” writes acclaimed wine writer Andrew Jefford, the author of the piece. “He bought the wines of other regions, among them Burgundy, Alsace, the Loire, Germany and Austria, ‘but Italy was always the one which fascinated me – it was frustrating: there was so much going on there, yet no one really knew anything about it or how to communicate it.’ When Jasper Morris MW became part of the Berry Bros team, Berry Green handed Burgundy over to him: a fellow buyer who already partly lived in Burgundy. ‘I realised that the only way I was going to do anything about Italy and my feeling for it was to do what Jasper had done in Burgundy and live there. That was my big life-changing move, in all manner of ways.’ He arrived in 2009; he’s still there.”

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