Vegetative cycle far ahead of the norm for 2014

prosecco harvest 2014

Above: a photo taken in the vineyards on March 22. The leaves are already extended and the bunch is already visible, notes grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro.

According to his data from previous vintages, Bele Casel grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro notes that, as of March 17, the 2014 vegetative cycle is nearly one month more advanced than last year.

It’s roughly eleven days more advanced than 2012. (Note: we are currently in the process of migrating the entire archive of Luca’s “Prosecco Diaries” to this site.)

Warm winter and early spring temperatures have given growers some concern because if the cycle continues at this rate, it could greatly shorten the ripening period.

Author: Bele Casel

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