Colfòndo TN from @MichaelNemcik leading Los Angeles wine professional

We were thrilled to read this tasting note for our Colfòndo by one of the leading wine professionals working in Los Angeles today, Michael Nemcik. “I could drink Colfòndo all day,” he writes.

colfondo los angeles bele casel prosecco

Here are Michael’s notes:

Col Fondo Prosecco finishes fermentation in the bottle, with the remaining yeast falling to the bottom of the wine leaving this sediment, which is said to be very high in vitamins. These wines hail from the newly created Prosecco appellation of Asolo, sandwiched nicely between the Veneto and Friuli in north eastern Italy.

The col fondo was cloudy and gently sparkling and threw some considerable sediment. Definitely had some bread dough and under ripe stone fruit as well as a slightly savory, tarragon note that I really enjoyed. The acidity was nice as was the mineral present on the finish; this wine had a freshness and rusticity that went perfectly with our initial courses.

I think my guests preferred the traditional Bele Casel Prosecco, (which is a perennial favorite) that we started with, yet I would drink col fondo all day/night.

Please click here for Michael’s complete review. And be sure to follow Michael’s blog, MAN About Town: it’s one of the best food and wine blogs in Los Angeles today, one of our favorites. Thanks again, Michael!


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