Prosecco diaries: March 2014

vine bud spring italy

March 7 – fuzzy buds.

bud growth spring italy vine

March 10 – bud growth in 3 days. faggot vine grapeMarch 11 – we found some Perera canes that we will graft on to some old vines in our Monfumo vineyard.

bud break 2014 italy

March 12 – the buds begin to change color.

beautiful italian vineyards

March 13 – flowers are important in the vineyard.

vineyard weather station

March 14 – having a weather station in the vineyards means making an investment toward protecting the environment and saving money. We have had this station up and running in the vineyard for three years now and we are really happy with the work it does. We can monitor the data with our phones and we decide whether or not to treat the vineyards using this information.

video vineyard prosecco

March 22 – we began working the soil beneath the rows (click here for video).

complete bud leaf vine italy

March 22 – the little leaves are already fully extended and you can see the cluster.

removing dead vines

March 28 – we removed dead vines with a mechanical shovel.

Luca Ferraro grape grower and winemaker

Author: Bele Casel

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