Hipsters @Dissapore call Colfòndo “hipster wine”

From the hipster Italian blog Dissapore

Map of Italy’s hipster wines: the North


The Veneto: Colfòndo This is a classic example of a traditional winemaking method that has been dejected by industrial wine production and replaced by the Charmat system. But it has gradually returned to the center of attention in the most sophisticated of circles. There are other wines, beyond Prosecco, that can be re-fermented in the bottle on their lees and then bottled without filtration. But this approach guarantees that the primary characteristics of the grape variety will be maintained in the wine. This year at Vinitaly, there were a lot more of these presented at the fair than in years past. But it will take some time before it’s no longer considered a niche product in the eyes of the general wine public because of its cloudy color. Leading producer: Bele Casel. jeremy parzen prosecco Our blogmaster Jeremy Parzen is already too old to be considered a hipster, but we still think he’s hip.


Author: Bele Casel

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