Prosecco diaries: April 2014

April is always a tough month for us grape growers. Our work in the vineyard accumulates faster than we can get it done. And keeping up with the vines requires a good dose of grit, determination, a desire to get the job done, and a family that’s willing to deal with you not being at home. The accelerated growing cycle continues to worry me. 2014 is already ahead of 2013 and 2012. glera 1April 2 – the vines began to wake up in Monfumo as well.

April 3 – we began to give our muscles a good work out as we changed the wooden stakes that had begun to fall apart over time.

vinitaly col fondo

April 6 – the first day of Vinitaly. It was a good year for the fair, the best ever. mowing grass vineyardApril 11 – the first trimming of the grasses made us think about how it takes just a few hours to mow 2 hectares of vineyard with a tractor and at least 15 hours if you do it by hand.

hail vineyard prosecco 2014

April 26 – there was a light hailstorm in the Caerano hills. The next morning at dawn (Sunday, of course), we headed out to the vineyards to seal up the wounds caused by the hail.

Luca Ferraro grape grower

Author: Bele Casel

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