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Earlier this week, my social media compatriot @TwGlasgow reminded me that the summer is here and it’s time for ColFòndo. He recently picked some up at Moore Brothers on the East Coast and snapped and sent me the photo above on the Twitter.

I really didn’t need him to remind me: served Bele Casel ColFòndo at our Memorial Day open house party this year, our first big house since we moved to Houston (the wine is not currently available in Texas but I managed to have some shipped to me here through legal channels).

It was incredible to watch the wine go down: we went through a six-pack of the wine in just a matter of a little over an hour. And that’s the thing about ColFòndo. It’s so light in alcohol, it’s so bright and fresh on the palate, and its next-to-zero residual sugar allows the wine’s perfect balance of sweet fruit and salty flavors to emerge on the palate.

Anyone who knows me or follows my blog DoBianchi already knows that my wife Tracie P and I are probably the biggest ColFòndo fans in the U.S. We drink and serve the stuff to our guests all the time. It’s just one of the reasons that I love working so much with the Ferraro family at Bele Casel. Beyond my passion for all things Veneto — my Venetophilia — I simply love the wines and consider myself very fortunate that I work with them as their blogmaster.

Starting next week, I’m launching a new series of English-language posts (once a week, more or less) devoted to Prosecco ColFòndo, what it is, where it came from, where it’s going, and what it means in the panorama of fine wine today.

I recently returned from California where I worked the Los Angeles market with the local sales rep for Bele Casel, my good friend Stefano Biscotto of Chambers & Chambers.

It was amazing to watch the Italian buyers — and by Italian, I mean Italian nationals — taste the wine for the first time. They would invariably light up and say this is a wine that reminds me of home; this is a wine from the past.

There’s something magical about Prosecco ColFòndo and I hope to capture that over the course of the summer with this series of posts.

Stay tuned… And if you’re looking for ColFòndo in your market, please don’t hesitate to send me an email by clicking here. I’ll be happy to look for it on WineSearcher.com (I have the pro version) and find a store near you that carries it.

—Jeremy Parzen

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