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Over the weekend, a memorial service was held for the much loved and much missed Carol Hastings (that’s Carol in the photo above, second from left, and Gareth Owens, also of Chambers & Chambers, far right, with the Ferraro family in Asolo).

The gathering was hosted by one of Chambers & Chambers founders’, Suzanne Chambers, in her home in northern California on Saturday.

We’d like to share this note from Paul Garvey, a longtime member of the Chambers & Chambers “family.”

Ferraro Family,

A lovely tribute for a lovely person. I worked with Carol for 20 years at Chambers until I retired in 2006. You would have enjoyed yesterday’s memorial at Suzanne’s as would have Carol. There were about 200 attendants and many of us spoke and reminisced about our time with Carol. Although it was a sad reason to gather, tenor was mostly light and happy. I think the celebration of Carol’s life offered a degree of closure for many of us there.

Thank you for your tribute.

Paul Garvey
C & C Operations Mgr. (Ret)

Please see also this online memorial to Carol, who passed from this world to a better one last month.

“Carol had a passion for music and quietly fantasized about becoming a back-up singer for the greatest Rock and Roll bands,” write the authors. “Only because she was taken too soon did she have to settle for karaoke and air guitars. Carol’s warm personality, infectious laugh and down to earth manner touched everyone she met. Her enthusiasm and determination were an inspiration to her family, friends and colleagues. She was intelligent, worldly, and sophisticated without a drop of pretension. Who she was and her passion for life will live on in the hearts of all who knew her.”

See also this tribute on

For those who would like to make a donation in her honor, Carol’s family has suggested that you give to the Marine Mammal Center. It was a favorite cause of Carol’s and its “core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community.”


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