Prosecco diaries: May 2014

We will remember May 2014 for the very early flowering in the vineyards.

May 1 – This was the only day that we could spray the vineyards. And so no May Day celebration for us. may day italy

May 9 – I decided to mow the grass without using a tractor. Let me tell you: if it were possible, I would do this for all 12 of our hectares. Walking back and forth through the rows and soaking in the sights around you is like Zen meditation (click here for the video).

May 14 – The clusters began to flower, one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles.

flowering vineyards grape

May 22 – flowering began in the vineyards in Caerano. Roughly one hundred days will pass from this date until harvest.

flowering vines grapes

May 22 – we tried out mulching using cover crop grasses. The old grape grower’s machines become useful once again. I’ll be curious to see what will happen underneath that grass in a few weeks. I’m certain that the earth will remain softer and more humid (click here for the video).

May 25 – tasting of our wines at the Terraviva event.

terraviva degustazione

May 29 – we bottle the first lot of our Colfòndo.

bottling wine

By noon on the dot, we have 4,000 bottles and 500 magnums. Not bad for 2 small bottling machines and 5 persons on the job. We were beat.

And just to add some icing to the cake, we also bottled 20 Jerobhoams (3 liters), 2 Mathusalem (6 liters) and 2 Salmanazars (9 liters).

large format prosecco

May 30 – Look what we found when headed back to the vineyards to tie up the vines.

robin egg

May 31 – More discoveries in the vineyard (click here for the video).

—Luca Ferraro, grape grower and winemaker

Author: Bele Casel

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