Bele Casel in Beverly Hills @PizzeriailFico where Italian is spoken

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Above: Italian is spoken here. Il Fico co-owner studied Italian language, literature, and culture at Stanford University.

We had read the rave reviews of Pizzeria Il Fico in Los Angeles and its Pugliese-centric menu.

We had heard that its authentic-style pizza was among the best in Los Angeles, a metropolis that seems to have more Neapolitan pizza ovens than Naples.

But it wasn’t until we visited a few months ago that we learned that co-owner and wine director John Tierney not only lives and breathes great Italian food but he also was a student of Italian at Stanford University before getting into the restaurant trade.

It’s no wonder that this chic restaurant on the edge of Beverly Hills feels like it could be in Lecce or Milan.

And that’s just one of the reasons we are extremely proud to share the news that Pizzeria Il Fico now serves Bele Casel Prosecco Brut by the glass.

Pizzeria il Fico
310 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 271-3426
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