Healthy grapes, old vines, and hope for great wine in Monfumo

In the following video (in Italian), grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro walks us through his Monfumo vineyard.

The grapes are healthy there, he explains, in part thanks to the excellent exposure.

Because of its steep slopes, he works the vineyard entirely by hand.

And using only copper, sulfur, and algae treatments this year, he has disease- and rot-free vineyard.

One of the most impressive shots is an old, gnarly vine, greater in width than his hand (“and I have large hands!” he notes).

He plans to cut the grasses between the rows to help eliminate humidity as he prepares for harvest, he says.

All he needs is sunshine and he should be able to make great wines from this vineyard, even in this extremely challenging vintage.

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