Prosecco Diaries: August 2014

August, another difficult month.

Rainfall, although less than July’s, created some problems.

The last part of the month was dry, though, sunny and unusually cool for this time of year.

August 8 – our vegetal compost experiments in the garden started to bear their fruits. You can see how the soil’s fertility is improving.

earthworm composting

August 17 – as I was saying earlier, the weather situation got decidedly better around mid-August and the mood in the Bele Casel home improved as well.

prosecco sunset

August 18 – the Glera bunches are swollen with water and they’re unusually large.

prosecco grapes 2014 rain

August 19 – during one of our visits to the vineyards, we decide to pick some bunches so that we can show you the quality of the grapes we work with. As you can see from my sister Paola’s sweater, it wasn’t very warm that day.

paola ferraro prosecco

Here’s the photo she took:

bianchetta grape variety prosecco

August 21 – more sunny days.

sunny day prosecco asolo

August 22 – we decided to remove all the leaves from the eastern wall of the vineyards and we also removed a few bunches that were showing signs of rot.

deleafing vineyard vine prosecco

August 25 – we experimented with pairings of ColFòndo and French cheeses.

french cheese wine pairing

August 26 – we began mowing the grasses between the rows so as to reduce humidity in the soil.

cover crop prosecco asolo

August 27 – the umpteenth visit to the vineyards.

August 29 – the situation in the Monfumo vineyard is much different.

August 30 – Glera bunches in the Caerano vineyard.

glera bunch vintage 2014 prosecco

—Luca Ferraro
grape grower, winemaker

Author: Bele Casel

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