Happy Jewish New Year from Asolo, once home to a vibrant Jewish community

asolo hebrew inscription

Above: One of two sixteenth-century Jewish tombstones that have been preserved in the walls of the Loggia del Capitano in the center of Asolo (Treviso province).

According to the JewishEncyclopedia.com, “a Jewish congregation existed [in Asolo] in the middle of the sixteenth century, perhaps even at the end of the fifteenth. In 1547 there were in Asolo 37 Jews, who lived in six houses close together in the center of the town.”

Cantarini, the famous Jewish-Italian family, is believed to have descended from Marco (Mordecai) Cohen, a member of the sixteenth-century community of Jews there.

L’shanah tovah, happy new year, to all of our friends across the world!

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year holiday, begins on Wednesday at sundown.

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  1. Frank A. DeGeorge

    I am an Amercian professor teaching American students at the Instituto Fillipin in Paderno del Grappa TV. I am trying to help make arrangement for two of my students to celebrate Passover in March. If you can be of any assistance it will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Do Bianchi

      I wish I could be of more help but I really don’t have any resources on the ground in Asolo. And honestly, there hasn’t been much a Jewish community there since the Renaissance.

      Padua still has an active synagogue but it’s mostly elderly people who attend at this point. Venice is where you’ll still find an active Jewish community in the Veneto. Otherwise, Milan is your best bet.

      My advice would be to contact Chabad: part of its mission is to help Jews observe religious holidays and festivals etc.

      Hag sameach!

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