Prosecco diaries: September 2014

We harvested in the month of September. It was a very difficult vintage between the unfavorable weather and the time we lost sorting through the grapes that weren’t suitable for making a quality Prosecco.

I don’t remember ever having to go through such a stressful harvest. We pushed all of our vines to the limit as we monitored their health and ripening on a daily basis.

As I wrote in a previous post, every vine gave different and highly varied results.

Here’s what happened in the month of September.

September 6: we continued to analyze grape samples to understand the progress of ripening.

grape lab analysis

September 9: we began to pick and we brought the first grape must into the cellar.

grape harvest italy 2014

first must

September 10: the weather made things difficult. You can see the menacing clouds above our heads with the grape press half full of fruit.

menacing clouds

Fortunately we were able to bring home a good load of grapes before the rain began to fall.

a lot of grapes prosecco

September 12: we had to put things on hold for a few days because of the rain.

rain harvest 2014 italy

September 13: we continued to sample the grapes in certain vineyards and the harvest continued in Maser village.

beautiful grapes italy

The children enjoyed the good weather and had fun watching the grapes arrive at the winery.

children prosecco wine italy

September 15: our vineyard in Monfumo got extra-special attention. We visited it every single day.

monfumo vineyard prosecco

September 17: as soon as we had some free time, we continued to grub up an old vine in the flats.

grubbing up vineyards prosecco

September 18: the grape solids help you to understand a lot of what went on in the vineyard over the course of the year. Color differences, for example, whole green berries, and aromas immediately give you a relatively clear picture of what happened over the last four or five months. By examining the solids after pressing with the support of specific analyses, we can understand whether we have pressed too much or too little.

grape seeds harvest vintage

The same day, we brought some marvelous fruit to the winery.

best prosecco 2014

September 23: Glera from Castelli di Monfumo, a wonderful growing site.

beautiful wine country italy

September 24: we begin picking in our vineyard in Monfumo.

best grape bunch prosecco

And we pull the last all-nighter in the cellar and the harvest is officially over.

Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker

end of harvest italy 2014

Author: Bele Casel

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