Now that the dust has settled: thoughts on the 2014 vintage


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The harvest is over. We still need to pick a few tons of Rabbiosa, which, in a vintage like this one, takes an extra long time to ripen.

The grapes are waiting on the vines for a ray of sun. And we are waiting for its off-the-charts acidity to come down a little bit before we pick them.

Looking back to a summer that made us work harder than ever before, I can’t help but think of the countless hours we spent in the vineyards and the amount of stress that we accumulated. Now that the dust has settled, I can finally take stock of the vintage.

I’ve said it many times before, it was our work in the vineyards and our growing sites that made the difference. And we were fortunate to have been spared the late hailstorms that caused tremendous damage elsewhere.

In order to bring home ripe grapes this year, we had to work as a team, putting in long, tough hours in the vineyard and carefully coordinating our efforts. Everyone at Bele Casel did their best and I can’t thank them enough for sticking it out to the end.

Could we have done better? Of course, we could have.

We made a few small mistakes this year that we probably could have avoided if we hadn’t been working under such pressure. Regardless, I believe that we’re on the right path and I’m convinced that time will prove me right.

I’d like to the thank the following team members:

Luciano and Claudio, the two guys who work with us and truly did the impossible this year.

My sister Paola, who ran from vineyard to vineyard every day collecting samples from our vines.

My father and his 40 years of experience. During the harvest, he was able to maintain calm when the rest of us would have otherwise been panic-stricken.

My mother and my wife, who had to endure our long workdays.

My two sons, who didn’t get to see a lot of me during those days.

My vineyard team: Armin, Paolo, Patrick, and Giacomo. They taught me a lot this year and they reassured me that I was doing the right thing by laying down my arms (i.e., vineyard treatments) while other neighboring farms continued to spray whatever products they could find to save their grapes.

The tractor that didn’t let us down, even though it’s 11 years old and has logged nearly 6,000 working hours.

The hills of Asolo. You’ll forever be in my heart. Your what made the difference this year.

Our vineyard in Monfumo, which gave us stupendous fruit this year.

Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker

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