Locanda Baggio, traditional Veneto cuisine in beautiful Asolo

Left: Classic long egg noodles (note the intense orange color from the flavorful yolks), with fresh porcini mushrooms and crispy pancetta.

It really doesn’t get better than that, does it?

One of the coolest things about working in the wine business is that people who make and sell wine always know the best places to eat.

Why? Because they and their sales people travel around the country (and the world) visiting restaurants.

On Saturday, I had my annual meeting with the Ferraro family, first at their house and winery and then over a SPECTACULAR lunch at the Locanda Baggio, one of their favorite restaurants just outside the historic center of Asolo.

Here’s what we ate. And you don’t need me to tell you what we drank! 😉

Thanks, again, Ferraro family! Thanks for the great meal and the great wines you make!

Jeremy Parzen

scallops venetian recipe

Lightly sautéed, tender scallops over a squash sauce.

traditional rabbit italian recipe

Delicate rabbit over a Bassano red onion sauce.

fagioli beans italian gialet

“Fagiolo Gialét della Valbelluna,” the “yellow bean of the Valbelluna,” a Slow Food presidium food stuff and dish. This was over-the-top good.

Ristorante Locanda Baggio
Via Bassane, 1
31011 Asolo TV
0423 529648
Google map


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